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Best investment partner

We offer business cooperation, which will bring you high income both from personal investments, and from the investments of your own referral partners. This is a unique offer on a long-term basis, which will ensure a decent profit for all investors during the whole period of their investment activities.


All activities of company are completely legal and registered in the US Legal basis
  • 2 Reed Place, Ware, Herts, United Kingdom, SG12 9LW
  • File number: 11789614
  • DOS ID: 5215713
  • 10/11/2017
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Company registration

Planned revenue for 2019

Company growth by activity
Cryptocurrency trading
Tokens trading
BTC CME, CBOE futures
General company growth
$ 1.65M
$ 1.4M
+12% Planned revenue from BTC, ETH, ADA trading
$ 1.65M
$ 1.4M
+18% Planned revenue from stock sales
$ 1.65M
$ 1.4M
+36% Planned revenue from TON tokens purchase
$ 1.65M
$ 1.4M
+1.8% Planned revenue from BTC futures growth

Grounds platform

We would like to bring to your attention the unique online platform. Our project represents the investment company which invests in prospective cryptocurrencies, using the most reliable and time-tested methods. Whether it's the classical trade in cryptocurrency or the trade in tokens, each of these options is good to some extent, but it's the aggregate of several of such spheres of activity that provide the maximum result by all indications.

Trading in large volumes, even with dozen currency pairs, has at least some small risks, thus in order to minimize them, it is necessary to apply all kinds of methods that will lead to the desired result. It means distribution of funds within several different areas that lets us to achieve our goals and always have a consistently high inflow of funds with minimal risks. is an investment tool that turns cryptocurrency into an object of inevitable earnings and provides everyone with this opportunity to start receiving income as a true professional investor.

Constant pursuit

Nevertheless, in order to stay on top permanently, we keep improving constantly. The boundaries of the company are constantly expanding: the company's staff is always being replenished with new team members, bringing fresh ideas and different views; trading volumes are increasing, analysis and monitoring systems of cryptocurrency market are being improved, everything is done in order to rise one more step higher. It is the desire to become better that makes us one of the most successful companies in cryptocurrency market.

Our responsibilities and our goals include building strong relationship between the company and investors, and forming ideal conditions for each client. Using the services of our company, everybody will have every possible opportunity to earn money. And being in conditions of maximum comfort and convenience, positive emotions from receiving passive income will be the highest ones.

Growth of company's profit

During the period of existence of the company, profit growth is constantly increasing. Sometimes recessions happen, and they somehow complicate and slow down effectiveness of investment activities. But even during such periods, the company confidently keeps afloat and is able to pay interest to it's investors without any problems.

It is possible due to the fact that our investment activity covers four types of profit gain. Each of them performs its own role: some are able to multiply the invested funds quickly by using high volatility of currencies and multiple currency pairs, while another allows you to maintain a stable profit, being of the least amount of risks among all the others. Basically, a certain balance is formed that provides an indestructible system, even if one of the investment directions loses its effectiveness for a while. This allows to have a stable profit structure and ability to pay high dividends to investors consistently.

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